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Naga New Year Festival


Every January, as the monsoon clouds erecede and the cold wind blows from the north, the Nagas celebrate the New Year. All the Naga clans living in the shadow of Mt. Saramati congregate alternatively either at the Leshi or Lahe in the Naga Hills to celebrate this Festival for it is the time for celebration and good to say thanks to Mother Earth who had provided a good harvest this year and also to pray for a bountiful New Year. But this Festival is also the time for the senior generations to meet old friends, re-live their younger days and exchange news or the boys to meet the girls and fall in love. But most important of all it is the time for them to welcome visitors, to share the joy and happiness with friends and guests at this auspicious time.

So all are welcomed to share a celebratory cup of Naga Khaung Ye (rice spirit) together with our Naga cousins at the New Year Celebrations.


Naga Traditional New Year Festival (Annually Jan 12 to Jan 16)

Lahe (2016)

12 Jan   - Depart YGN - MDY - Hkhamti - Sinthei - Lahe  (by flight, by boat, by car)

13 Jan   - Arrive at Naga Festival Ground & Sightseeing at Naga villages

14 Jan   - Participate at the Ceremony of erecting the Naga Ceremonial Pole & sightseeing

15 Jan   - Opening Ceremony of Naga New Year Festival & Big Bonfire Dance at night.

16 Jan - Depart Lahe - Sinthei - Hkhamti - MDY - YGN


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