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Phangran Razi Trekking Expedition

  14 Day / 13 Night (Adventure Trekking/Mountaineering)

 Trip Target:                       Trek up to the summit of Mt, Phangran  4330m

Trip concept:                      Trekking through the Himalaya’s remoteness of nature

Duration:                            14 Day / 13 Night (Adventure Trekking/Mountaineering)

Adventure Grade:               Moderate Adventure

Walking Distance:              Average 6.5 miles trekking per day          

                                           Around 90 miles complete trek within 10 days

Rafting Distance:                Average 5 hours on raft per days

Availability:                        October – May

A journey of timeless adventures and unpretentious experiences!

Mt. Phangran Razi (Highlight)

Mt. Phangran Razi  - Towering 14200 ft, 4330 meters above the sea is one of the most demanding peak to scale among the many peaks in the region. Generally covered with snow between November and May is about 90 kilometer North West of Putao near Myanmar - Indian border. The remoteness and difficult accessibility of the region has helped to maintain the pristine purity of it forest and eco-systems. The richness of it's biodiversity deserves to be maintained and fostered in the interest of coming generations and present unparalleled opportunities to present-day professionals in the field of zoology, botany, forestry, environmental protection, conservation and ecology.

Day 01 Arrival – Putao-Shangaung (jeep)

Upon arrival at Putao, lies in a flat valley, jumping-off point for trekkers who want to explore the region’s deep forests, wildlife sanctuaries and snow-capped mountains etc. After a brief fresh up and we depart by jeep or truck depending on the group size to upper Shangaung with the distance 17 km which takes us about one hour on a rugged road. Dinner and overnight at Putao Guest House. 

Day 02  Shangaung - Wasandum (trek) 

Breakfast and Our adventure starts  trek to Wasandum with the distance 20 km which takes us about 6 hours trek through Mt. Shangaung at 1362 meters. First 10 km will be straight up along the trail winding up to the top of Mt. Shangaung from then trail goes all the way down to Wasandum. This will be the testing journey for us as we have to ascend from 1060 meters up to 1362 meters and then descend back to 860 meters. Wasandum is a small Rawan tribe village situates by Namro creek. Dinner and spend the night at Wasandum village house in dormitory style. 

Day 03 Wasandum - Awadum  - Ziyadum (trek)

Breakfast and we leave the village for our today destination at Ziyadum, through relatively flat land with just few of ups and downs. At first we cross Namro creek to Awadum with the distance 7.4 km. Awadum is mainly inhabited by Lisu and separate in to two by a large paddy field. We continue trek to Ziyadum with the distance 6.4 km through deep evergreen forests. Ziyadum, situate at altitude of  1048 meters is the most northwestern and last frontier village in Putao region, mainly resident are Rawan tribes. Dinner and overnight at Ziyadum village house in dormitory style.( about 4 and half hrs trek)

Day 04 Ziyadum - Camp I (trek)

Breakfast and set off for camp I, located at 4140 ft, 1260 meters above sea by the side of Phangran creek. We first pass through farmland later in to deep evergreen forest. After a good two hour walking we reach to confluence of Phonyin and Phangran creeks. We then cross Phonyin creek by bridge and keep trekking up and down along Phangran creek until we reached to our today destination camp I, which should take us another two and a half hours. Dinner and overnight at forest camp.  (about 4 and half hrs)

Day 05 Camp I - Camp II (trek)

Enjoy morning beauty of the nature surrounding while our cook prepare breakfast for us. We set off for today destination camp II, situate at approx 4480 ft, 1366 meters. After some 4 hours trekking through the creek, ups and downs, hiking from the side of the river bank we finally arrive at camp II. As usual quick dry up and relax at camp fire while our team pitches the tents and cook prepare for the night meal. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 06 Camp II - Camp III  (trek)

Enjoy another beautiful morning with deep lush evergreen forest with a backdrop of high mountains in the far below the mist. Later we have breakfast and set off for camp III, locate at 5330 ft, 1624 meters.  As we move on the trek become more and more difficult. After a 3 and half hours challenging trek we finally reach the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents. 

Day 07 Camp III - Camp IV (trek)

If you wake up early to witness the sun rising up from the horizon to make a beautiful painting having thick, dark jungle one side and blazing Snow Mountains on the other. Breakfast and we set off for our today destination camp IV, locate at 9570 ft, 2917 meters.Today journey will be the most challenging one as the route going up steady and the water filled creek now become much smaller, some time disappear in to large boulders and occasional waterfalls. As we go higher the climb becomes deeper and strenuous. After a hard and long day on the rough terrain we finally reach camp IV (locate right bottom of the snow capped mountains). Dinner and overnight in tents.(about 4 hrs trek)

Day 08 Camp IV - Base camp (snow trek)

At this point we have to prepare for the challenging trek as from now on we will be on the snow for next a couple of days. We will also have to carry most of our supply especially canned food and warm clothes. Having about two hours trek we reach on the top of a small plateau at elevation 12000 ft, 3650 meters, from where the view is gorgeous with many glaciers around. At this point we will see the peak of Mt. Phangran Razi right ahead of us towering high in the horizon. We continue trek through the slopping down hill and then to steady up. After a steady trek of 3 to 4 hours we will reach at base camp located at 12200 ft, 3720 meters. The so-called base camp has no facility for overnight or making fire but just a small stone cave with space large enough to pitch a couple of tents. Tonight we have to get by with packed dinner as there is no facility to prepare a warm meal.

 Day 09 Base camp - Summit Mt. Phangran - Camp IV (snow trek)

 We will try to make the summit at 14200 ft, 4328 meters at first day light to beat the weather change. The route will be steady up on a narrow shoulder of stone based peak. The gusty wind may make this short trek challenging as we will have to stay on relatively narrow cliff. With a bit of luck we could reach to the summit by still early hour in the morning. We try to stay some time on the top, make record of the success ascend as not many others has ever scale this mountain. Later we start descend steady to the base camp and continue back to camp IV. Once we pass through the small plateau the down trek become easier as we may slide down through the slope. Warm coffee and refreshment should await us as we reach the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.  (about 6 hrs)

 Day 10 Camp IV - Camp II (trek)