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Singular Myanmar


Magwe town, west-central of Myanmar (Burma).  Magwe’s locale on the Ayeyarwady River is nice enough, as is the impressive 1.8-mile Magwe Bridge. The surrounding area is part of the dry zone of Myanmar’s central basin between the Irrawaddy to the west and the Pegu Mountains to the east. Along the river, the land undulates, with marked development of river terraces. Attraction places to visit surrounding are The Thiho Shin Pagoda, Sale Yoke Sone Kyaung, Shinpin Sargyo Hla Pagoda, Mann Settawya Pagoda, Shwe Settaw Wildlife Sanctuary. Magway Mya Thalun Pagoda and Minbu Shwesettaw are famous destinations of Magway Region. Magwe lies midway between the upcountry and the lower parts, its annual festival has served as a great fair for the exchange of local goods. And across the Irrawaddy River you can find Minbu and the Nga Ka Pwe Taung, a bubbling pool of gas and mud surrounded by lunar-like terrain. A pair of Buddha's footprints is located in Settawya, the place is known as the Pagoda site of the forest. The pilgrimage is combined with photography, as the scenery is picturesque. The principal product of Magway Region is petroleum. It produces most of the oil and natural gas in Myanmar. Magway Region produces a large quantity of edible oil as well as petroleum, hence gaining a reputation as the "oil pot of Myanmar.