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Mandalay is the second largest city after Yangon. Mandalay was the last capital of the Burmese kingdom which boasts rich culture, history and fascinating workshops. 

Mandalay Highlights showcases the must see attractions in the city including Royal Palace, Shwenandaw Monastery (teakwood golden monastery), Kuthodaw Pagoda (the world largest book), which has been inscribed into the world’s heritage site by UNSCO, Zaycho Market and different tradition works of making gold leaves, and wood carving arts.

Mandalay’s hot and dry climate makes it an ideal place to visit at certain times of year but it is not always warm in Mandalay. The city also experiences cold months, there are times when the temperature drops at night.

Be sure not to miss a trip up Mandalay Hill (Mandalay got its name from here!), it is the best vantage point in Mandalay, which provides an amazing panoramic view of the city.