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Mindat township situated in the western Chin State and the southern Chin Hill. Chin people are the major ethnic in Mindat, about 80,000 with unique culture and custom. Like other ethnic, the Chin also has interesting festivals on February and April. The scenes in Mindat are very wonderful, especially for the first-coming visitors with pine trees along the road and moutains shadowing the town and numerous wooden houses…What a great place to stop and take some memorable photos! In Mindat and the surrounding area you will find members of the indigenous Dai, Upu and Ya tribes; the older women of these tribes sport full facial tattoos that differ in design according to their tribe. At the market in the centre of Mindat, you will find colourful Chin clothing and tapestries, local wine and other local handicrafts including a traditional Chin shoulder holster, that is made exclusively to carry a drinks bottle and a large knife. Recommend you that Mindat township is the great place for any visitors those want to experience the life of the Chin and enjoy the beautiful scenes of mountains and hills.