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Muse is the principal town of Muse Township in northern Shan State of Myanmar. It is situated on the Shweli River, and is connected by a bridge and road to Shweli in Yunnan Province of China. Muse is also connected to central Myanmar via the Mandalay-Lashio Road. Muse's '105th mile Trade Zone' is 370 acres wide and is 6 miles far from Muse. It was opened in April 2006. The first and largest border trade camp in Myanmar and handling as much as 70% of cross border trade with China. A trade fair has been held annually every December since 2001 alternating between the two border towns each year with India, Bangladesh and Thailand as well as China taking part. Muse has a distinct local culture, which is a fusion of Shan hospitality and Chinese pragmatics. The food in town is rich and varied and you can find fantastic street food supplied by Shan and Burmese vendors.