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Pindaya is pretty town of Shan State and located in a fertile valleybordered by high mountain range in the west. The road to Pindaya is highly scenic views which are fully multi-color fields, ethnic villages, orange farms, pine tree clad hills, and farms with different vegetation could make you interesting and also provides the pleasurable rolling hills. 

The most interesting place is the Pindaya caves. These are the Buddhist pilgrimage site and a tourist attraction located on a limestone ridge. There are three caves on the ridge which runs north-south, but only the southern cave can be entered and explored.

One is that a blocked-off path at the end of the cave leads to the ancient city of Bagan.

It is known for its interior which contains over 8000 images of Buddha and there are many legends surrounding the Pindaya cave.

The caves of Pindaya are the naturally formed last 200-million years ago and the cave entrance provides breathtaking views of entire Pindaya valley and Pontalouk Lake which is related with the fascinating stories of Pindaya caves.