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Putao is a small town situated in the far north of Kachin state. Putao town is situated in a valley of 457m (1,499ft) and the surrounding area is bordered by China, Tibet and India. The town is split half by the Namlang River and you can see the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains in the far distance. 

The valley is surrounded by rugged hills which some are covered in thick unpassable jungle. The nature of Putao valley and the surrounding areas is as pure as nature gets and unique with flora and fauna that can be only found in this region.

For the truly adventurous, there are some serious trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting and even adventure skiing opportunities in the surrounding mountains. At the northern tip of Myanmar, the Himalayan peak of Hkakabo Razi sits on the border of Myanmar, China and India is famed as Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain (standing at 5,881 metres).