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Taung Gyi

Taunggyi is the capital of Shan State, Myanmar. The name Taunggyi means "huge mountain", and is named after the ridge on the east of the city, part of the Shan Hills system. The main access to Taunggyi is by the mountainous road. The nearest airport is Heho Airport, 24 mi (39 km) about an hour driving distance, by road to the west of Taunggyi. The Taunggyi area is a popular tourist destination. Nearby, Inle Lake is the home of the unique Intha culture. Near Taunggyi, in Kekku, one can see the local pagoda, whose hundreds of stupas date back to 16th century. Being the capital of the Shan State, Taunggyi hosts many government offices. There is a museum in town which has displays on the Shan culture, as well as items of historical interest, such as belongings of the Sawbwas.